Easily track your gut health status over time.

At MicroPredictome, we envision a simple-to-use at-home diagnostic test for gut diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). With our test kit, the discomfort of colonoscopies can be avoided and disease state can more easily be monitored over time, allowing both physicians and patients to track the efficacy of treatments and lifestyle changes.

How it Works


Send us your fecal sample using our kits and we process it at our labs


MicroPredictome's propriety AI software analyzes the processed sample


Receive a detailed report about your microbial profile

Your microbiome matters.

The microbiome is the complex ecosystem of bacteria living both in and on your body and it is linked to variety of conditions.

Mental Health

Certain bacteria are under-represented in populations with mental health conditions such as depression.


The gut microbiome is disrupted in inflammatory conditions and differs greatly from healthy individuals.


Certain bacteria are responsible for affecting metabolism, body weight and blood pressure.

No Discomfort

Skip the pre-colonoscopy cleanse and take our easy-to-use at-home test

Track Gut Health

The simplicity and accessibility of our test kit allow users to monitor their gut health over time

COST Savings

Our kit comes in at a fraction of the cost of a private colonoscopy


We help you understand your body by taking a detailed, high-resolution “snapshot” of the bacteria living in your gut using our proprietary algorithms.

Luca Cuccia, CEO