Disease prediction powered by Artificial Intelligence

We aim to provide a disease prediction service using an individual’s microbial profile as an early biomarker.

Patient or medical professional send microbiome sample to MicroPredictome

MicroPredictome‘s prediction algorithms analyze the results and draw conclusions

Patient or medical professional receive report about microbial profile and  disease risks


  • November 2018

    Idea to combine artificial intelligence for microbiome data analysis is conceived.

  • December 2018

    First prototype for Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis  prediction created. 

  • Jan-April 2019

    -Algorithm improvement.

    -First round of fundraising.

  • Summer 2019

    -Further fundraising

    -Algorithm validation

  • Fall 2019

    Setup sequencing center


  • 2020

    Start accepting patient samples and producing actionable reports.